Freaky Fish DX - An enhanced version of an enjoyable C64 game gets a release

Another C64 game to be shouted about and one I think you'll enjoy, is the enhanced version of the 2018 game 'Freaky Fish'. This game which we mentioned previously as in development, is now available to download and play as 'Freaky Fish DX'; a deluxe update of the 2018 14th place Reset64 4k Craptastic competition version, that features a completely rewritten game engine, new graphics, bonus levels, original music and more, all designed by Design Chaos!

As noted by Design Chaos from the previous preview which we mentioned back in May, there were quite a few assets left over after they had finished the competition version of Freaky Fish in 2018 such as the animated fishermen. So rather than let them go to waste, they rewrote the game, inputed the very latest code, and made this a feature packed release which you can now experience for  yourselves today.

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