Marsmare: Alienation - Arcade ZX Spectrum platformer that looks to be well worth playing!

Even more gaming news now, as Red Raid wasn't the only game worth mentioning via the Yandex 2020 competition, as we've also come across this ZX Spectrum game of Marsmare:Alienation; a game that according to the developers Drunken Fly (crew), is an Arcade platformer with metroidvania elements, that puts you in boots of a Hero fighting for his life on Mars and the hopeful return back to Planet Earth.

Yes indeed if you're looking for a ZX Spectrum game to keep you busy through the weekend and possibly the week as well, then Marsmare:Alienation might just be the game for you. The game has 90 screen rooms, 8 types of enemies, 5 different locations (laboratory, caves, factory, spaceport and planetary surface), saving in control points and other goodies you'll just have to see for yourself!

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