mini MIKE and the Caverns of Doom - A challenging C64 demo featuring a tiny character

While many of you are playing the latest release from Protovision called ' Outrage ', another C64 game might be worth checking out, which is still in development and teased with a playable demo, and that is Syntax Error Software's C64 game of miniMIKE; a new demo that's also playable online which feels a bit like Load Runner, except with deadly traps to that of VVVVV or even Super Meat Boy!

In this mini demo ;) you play as a little tiny man called MIKE and must traverse through each screen rescuing other tiny people while also avoiding being killed by deadly enemies and nasty spiked traps. What makes the demo so enjoyable, is not only is the game nice to look at (feels more like a modern indie game) but it's very smooth to play with responsive controls, has some well thought out challenges, and also has great animation!

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