Outrage - After 30 years a fabulous C64 'Hawkeye' style game is finally here!

We've just received some really great news, as we've just been informed through Facebook and Twitter that if you've been waiting and waiting (some 30 years in fact) for the release of the Hawkeye inspiration of Outrage to come to the C64, then as of today Protovision / Psytronik has finally published the digital version of the game for all to enjoy.... Pre-orders for the cartridge edition of Outrage are also available!

Although a far more detailed description of the game's 30 year development, including those who are behind the game such as Ste for the awesome loading picture can be found via the link below. As we said before Outrage features 5 levels fully packed with the finest arcade action, a monstrous end boss per level, purchasable items, great graphics, animations and special effects, a beautiful crafted tune, and all of this now available via digital, cartridge and disk!


  • Produced by: Cosmos Designs
  • Distribution: Protovision / Psytronik
  • Coder: Bernd Buchegger
  • Graphics: Bernd Buchegger
  • Sound&SFX: Karl Sommer
Shipping information: The digital download of Outrage will be available immediately after payment. Shipping of physical editions will presumably start in January.

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