Monster Catcher - Arcade fun for the C64 released by Monte Boyd

Oyup! wasn't the only Arcade game released for the C64 this week, as thanks to Saberman who kindly gave us the nudge this morning, we know now that Monte Boyd has released his new game for the C64 called Monster Catcher. As in the words of the developer : Monster Catcher is a fast action, single player game for the Commodore 64! If you like Rodland, Bubble Bobble, and a little bit of Smash TV then you’ll love Monster Catcher!

Monsters have invaded, and the bunnies are in trouble! Grab your magic wand and use your capture spell to save the day! But careful you don't trap a bunny by mistake! The game features randomly generated levels, over 40 levels, an end game boss, 4 different areas, 8 different enemies with varied behaviors, and all of this available for PAL C64 hardware and emulators like Vice.

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