Frantic Pengo - A new speccy game from Gabriele Amore!

Gabriele Amore is certainly no stranger to Indie Retro News, creating very enjoyable games such as Saving Kong, Castle Capers, Donkey Kong Jr and even Bubble Frenzy. Well now another game is gracing our speccy screens, as during the last couple of days he has released his Arcade game of 'Frantic Pengo'; a silly new arcade game inspired to Pengo (and to those wonderful Japanese early 80s coin ops) which now features new music from Pedro Pimenta!

In this game created by Gabriele Amore, music by Pedro Pimenta and further help via Lobo, Sebastian Braunert and Allan Turvey. you play the role of Pengo the bold and faithful penguin, trying to rescue your true love (Penga) that has been kidnapped by the evil Lava Monsters. Throughout 14 screens (including a final boss) you will have to kill all the monsters by crushing them using the available blocks: ice, stones or lava. Once all monsters are cleared you will be able to collect your true love's harts and proceed to the next level.

Links :1) Source (Instructions) 2) Download 3) Video

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