Monstro Giganto - A glorious PETSCII C64 game is coming soon via RGCD

If you read our previous article, you would've known that Antonio Savona and team were working on a brand new PETSCII C64 game called Monstro Giganto; a homebrew that's very similar in artistic design to another game we have featured called Digiloi. Well fast forward to this weekend, and not only has a new gif been posted via Facebook, but they've also mentioned the AI is complete and that it will be shipped soon through RGCD.

Although we still don't know a lot about the game just yet, what we do know however is, Monstro Giganto will not just feature 5 monsters to choose from, each with their own skills and punching moves, but the game will feature great graphics, and unique PETSCII gameplay for a C64 game through single or two player fun! Link ( Facebook )

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