King's Valley - Konami's platformer is being developed for the Amiga!

Thanks to a heads up from a friend of ours in the Commodore Amiga group, we've been told ' King's Valley '; which is a port of the MSX version first released in 1985, and also as an appearance via MS-DOS in the 80's and as an unofficial port in 2009 on the ZX Spectrum by RetroWorks. Will be coming to an Amiga near you thanks to the hard work of Toni Gálvez, Narcisound, and coding of M.A. Soft/JC.

Although this is the first announcement for the game that we have come across, going by the twitter post from Toni. King's Valley is around 90% complete, coding is via M.A Soft/JC, music via Narcisound, Graphics by Toni, and will be coming to an OCS Amiga near you at some point in the near future! So yes certainly one to keep an eye out for when it gets an eventual release as a free digital download.

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