Pitman - A homebrew puzzle platformer for the Sega Master System

We haven't featured any Sega Master System games for awhile so to change all that, here's a nice little game you can play right now, it's Pitman developed by under4mhz. Yes indeed thanks to a heads up via i_am_sverx on twitter, we now know that this game is a fun little puzzle game and features multiple levels of enjoyment as you must collect all the diamonds on the level to move on to the next.

According to the creator who posted via the SMS Power! forums this a fun puzzle game where you maneuver the boulders so you can collect the diamonds. Collect all the diamonds to move to the next level. When stuck, press the right fire button to restart the level. So yes certainly a game worthy of a play through on a Sega Master System or via an emulator!

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