Tiny Quest - A new C64 game filled with hazards, obstacles and dangerous critters!

The retro news just keeps on coming, as after already featuring a number of new games already, along comes Tiny Quest to keep us company. This game now available as either a cartridge, tape or disk, is a new C64 game developed by Rebel Bytes of Digital Monastery – Hokuto Force Game Division and published via Bitmap Soft. The game puts you in control of Mr Cube in a weird and wonderful world of right-angles and crazy geometry. Mr Cube must traverse dangerous landscapes of hazards and enemies to reach his loved one and save enough cash for the return journey.

Developed by Rebel Bytes of Digital Monastery – Hokuto Force Game Division and published via Bitmap Soft and RGCD, Tiny Quest is a game that requires lightning-fast reflexes, excellent memory, advanced planning skills, perfect timing and (a lot of) self control. The game not only features many different hazards, obstacles and environments, but Mr Cube must jump and run as fast as he can, while collecting all the spinning coins to open the exit through each of the 15 levels, to finally reach his beloved. So watch out not to step on those nasty traps, as every mistake will cost you one of your 5 precious lives – and once all of your lives are lost… your quest will be over!

Note that purchases of the cartridge will (soon) include a downloadable copy of the *.CRT version of game for free for use via emulation or on real hardware devices such as the Ultimate 1541-II. However, as the game is not available digitally they we have opted meanwhile to include a printed download link within each boxed copy of the game.


  • Original Concept/Code : Andrea “Wanax” Schincaglia
  • Graphics: “Raffox”
  • Music: Gaetano Chiummo, Stefano “Dustbin” Palmonari
  • Andrea “Wanax” Schincaglia
  • Box/Cover Illustration: Simon Butler
  • Manual Design & Layout: Chris Mantil
  • Darren Doyle, Jamie Battison & James Monkman for Production (CART VERSION)

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