Brick Rick Graveyard Shift - An addictive single-screen arcade platformer for the ZX Spectrum

Juan J. Martínez is back in the news again, as after already releasing fabulous games on different  systems, such as Night Knight, The Dawn of Kernel, Rescuing Orc, Magica and even Golden Tail. He was happy to contact us to let us know, that if you have a ZX Spectrum, then you really should check out his latest platforming romp called 'Brick Rick - Graveyard Shift'; an addictive single-screen arcade platformer for the ZX Spectrum 128k (or later), as a spin-off of Brick Rick for the Amstrad CPC.

Featuring great single player arcade fun, 50 stages to complete, 9 enemy types with unique behavior, different control methods and a password system to save your progress. Brick Rick: Graveyard Shift is a brand new ZX Spectrum game developed by Juan J. Martínez (code, graphics andsound), which not only follows the core mechanics of Brick Rick (Amstrad CPC), but it is also inspired by classics like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros, and other 8-bit games by the same author! So yes certainly a worthy download or as a purchasable tape through TFW8b!

Links :1) Source  2) Tape 3)Amstrad Version

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