Alex Kidd in Pico World - A fabulous Alex Kidd demake for the Pico8 virtual console

While many of you are probably looking forward to playing the upcoming Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX which is coming to PC, and features all the best parts of the original game plus new animations, graphical detail and gameplay improvements. There's another version that might interest you, although more suited for those of you who like demakes and the Pico-8. Is Domarius's Alex Kidd in Pico World; a miniaturized version of the game featuring almost everything from the original recreated in the limitations of the Pico-8  64x64 Console!

Developed over so many months, Alex Kidd in Pico World is an updated release by Domarius that has been squashed down to fit on the token limit of the Pico8, with an almost complete version of the classic game while sacrificing certain elements such as the short level and symbol puzzle after the princess to get the crown, the graphical level map, title screen, power ups except the ring, as well as a few other bits that wont affect the game play in any way. 

Furthermore, the developer has had to crunch down the music into fewer channels to fit it all in the game, making use of the arpeggio feature to simulate multiple note harmonies. Although don't let that put you off too much as it still features all the vehicles, 16 levels, the Janken game and much much more that's certainly worth a play in your browser while we wait for Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX!

Please note the game isn't a NEW game, but the developer asked us to give it a hearty re-mention!

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