Witch n' Wiz - A fabulous Arcade Puzzle WIP game for your NES by Mhughson

We've featured many NES games over the years from Trophy, to Blazing Rangers and even the upcoming Slow Mo. Well now another game has graced the NES and is sure to be enjoyed by many, is Mhughson's fabulous arcade puzzle WIP game of 'Witch 'n Wiz'; a spin-off/demake version of Witch n' Wiz for the annual 2020/21 NESDev competition, which will give you a sense of what the game is about before its eventual full release.

According to the creator not only is Witch n' Wiz in Active Development with an expected release date of Summer/Fall 2021, released as both a ROM and as a physical cartridge similar to his previous game, From Below. But the current version has over 30 levels of challenging entertainment, new puzzle types every 5-10 levels, a password save, art by Kenneth Fejer and Haller Zoltan (Wolfling, From Below and original Music by Tui (From Below, Flea, Tapeworm).

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