AntEater - Another remake of an Arcade classic to the ZX Spectrum

If you remember the 1982 Arcade classic of 'AntEater ' or the 8bit clones such as The Aardvark, you may be interested to know that as of this week you can download the latest fan based remake of 'AntEater ' for the ZX Spectrum 48k by Antonio Gonzalez Martin (Spain); a game originally designed by Chris Oberth and released in 1982 by Tago Electronics which spawned other clones on other systems such as the Atari 2600, Apple II, Atari ST and the Atari 8bit.

As noted by the wikipedia page for AntEater which does apply to this ZX Spectrum version as well. The player controls an anteater that elongates his tongue through maze-like anthills eating ants. The player can only eat ants with the tip of the anteater's tongue. If an ant bites the tongue at any other location, then the player loses a life. Worms can be safely eaten from behind, but just as in the case of the Ants if it bites your tongue you also lose a life. The object is to eat all of the larvae before time runs out, clearing the screen!

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