Metamorphosis - A ZX Spectrum game with evolving mechanics shipping by the end of May (Pre-Order Available)

AntEater and Space Invaders ZX were not the only speccy games worth a shout out this month, as recently Leonardo Vettori contacted us, to let us know that their hellish game of 'Metamorphosis', is taking pre-orders for a physical copy due to be released end of May 2021 through Phoenixware. This game that's currently available as a digital download for the ZX Spectrum, is a rather interesting game, as it looks to be set in an alien like world, with creatures to eat, other enemies to fight and drops from the ceiling that are very toxic for the player.

According to the team behind Metamorphosis, the main aim of the game, is to evolve from the lowest lifeform as a spider, into a human by eating worms, increasing your level, attacking enemies to devolve them into a lower lifeform, and traversing through an ecosystem full of other enemies that will attack each other, run away, and just like you evolve or devolve. And that's just a small part of the gameplay you'll come across in Metamorphosis, so if you want to try the game out, check out the links below.


  • Written and directed (Graphic and Coding) by Leonardo Vettori and Kees Van Oss
  • Beta Testers, Marco Franchi Moretti, Federico Gori, Massimo Belardi, Giovanni Galli
  • Music by Pedro Pimenta , Marco Fanciulli and fatalsnipe

Links :1) Source 2) Physical Copy

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