Liberator (Gameboy Color) - Homebrew version of the classic Commodore C16 Plus4 game!

Another shoot em up release for all you fine folk, as trawling through the website, we've just come across a new(ish) game released on the Gameboy Colour called 'Liberator'. For those of you who remember this fine game, that's because Liberator was originally released on the Commodore C16 Plus4 way back in 1986 and was coded by D.R Gamon and released by Magnificent 7 Software. It was at the time regarded as one of the best space shooters created for the C16/Plus4 as a commercial game.

In this game with similarities to Uridium, you must fly your ship over a massive space station while avoiding or blasting away a number of routine enemies and loads of gun turrets that are aiming to take you out. Do be aware however, if you do end up surviving the onslaught of enemy waves, at the end of every addictive scrolling level, you'll be faced with the ships reactor which you have to blast through.. So good luck!

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