Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis has been partially ported over to the ZX Spectrum! (100% Working!)

Call me an old timer but I love talking about the days of DOS, a time when the only thing in front of you other than a computer was a blinking command prompt waiting for you to run a game such as C:\, C:\Dune and Dune.exe. So to get a Facebook message from Saberman, that Dune II from 1992 by Westwood Studios was partially ported over to the ZX Spectrum with the intro, speech, and yes even the gigantic sandworm intact, I just had to give it a worthy mention on IRN.

According to Modern ZX-Retro Gaming who did a full playthrough of Dune II on the ZX Spectrum. "This game has come a long way since its first mention. It was programmed by Perestroika Software and made available in a beta version in 1997, then put away for many years, for popping up again in a newer version with a fully working and playable level 1 as participant in the "Your Game 5" contest in 2014. A fixed version was made by Demige in 2019 (added missing files v-a.obj, w-a.obj, d-a.obj, level load fixed), and in May 2021 it was made available for the public to download as a 100% full working version of "Dune II - The Battle for Arrakis" for the ZX Spectrum 128k". (With intro and levels it takes up 2 disks for the UK company Technology Research's Beta Disk 128 system).

Links 1) Source  2) Download

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