FloB - A great looking game from Bocianu and team is coming to your Atari XL/XE (64KB)

To our amazement within the last few hours thanks to a heads up via Saberman, we have just found out some very special news for any Atari XL/XE owner. As we were recently informed that as from July 10th at the LOST Party, you'll be able to play the awesome looking game 'FloB'; An Arcade Adventure game developed over the last 9 months, which promises 6 large, hand-drawn maps to visit, each of which consists of over 20 rooms differing in mood, puzzles and level of difficulty.

Not only are there are 6 large, hand-drawn maps to visit in the game, each of which consists of over 20 rooms and has a separate music track, but there are hidden rooms, 84 achievements to unlock during the game, progress able saves, several hours worth of entertainment, and all of this in a game whereby you play as a tiny invented pink blob that loses energy very quickly that must constantly replenish by collecting drops of pink slime... And that's a just a brief write up for FloB but for further info including the physical edition hit the link below.

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