Freaky Fish DX - An enhanced version of an enjoyable C64 game, DX Ultimate Digital Edition is Coming Soon!

In August of last year we mentioned the rather enjoyable game 'Freaky Fish DX'; A game that was an enhanced version of the 2018 game, which was noted as a deluxe update of the 2018 14th place Reset64 4k Craptastic competition version. It featured a completely rewritten game engine, new graphics, bonus levels, original music and more all designed by Design Chaos. Well if you did enjoy the game, we've just been contacted by DESIGN/chaos (@chrx) that the Freaky Fish DX Ultimate Digital Edition is Coming Soon to a C64 near you.

According to the creator, they are getting ready to release the final version of Freaky Fish DX - The Ultimate Digital Edition, as a free update to everyone who paid the suggested price for Freaky Fish DX. As for what is included in the Ultimate Edition available as either a disk image (d64), an Easyflash cartridge image or as a boxed physical edition from Bitmap Soft. Will include everything from the standard game as well as 5 new arctic themed levels (levels 25-30), increasing the number of levels in the game to 30 (plus any hidden levels that may be discovered), an extended bonus game music, Various enhancements for NTSC users, more variety in the bonus games and a new front end and title screen.

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