Worron - Unreleased Firebird C64 game available and fixed after 34 years!

For those of you following the news back in 2015, GTW had announced that Firebird's Worron was recovered after 30 years, although not finished, it was a C64 game that was originally developed by Richard Paynter as a sort of top down challenge based Arcade game. Well fast forward to May just gone, and as a surprise to the C64 community, Richard Paynter got in touch with Games That Weren't, that he had finally fixed and upgraded his game of 'Worron'; A game you can download today and see what you were missing out on all those years ago.

According to Games That Weren't, it was found that Worron wasn’t quite finished in places and there were a number of issues which made it impossible to complete without cheats enabled. It was something that bothered Richard for a few years, so this year he decided to decompile and fix it all. Not only has he fixed a lot of the collision and crash issues, but he’s added an introduction picture and a variety of music and sound effects to round off and polish up the game he created when he was just 17 years old.

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