Lumberjack Revision - A further enhanced C64-Amiga port of an addictive wood cutting game (Compilation Pack)

Some time back we mentioned Megastyle & Protovision's C64 homebrew game of ' Lumberjack ', a game which put you in the mighty boots of a Lumberjack chopping down trees as fast as he can, without being bashed by the big branches above. It was a highly addictive game on the C64 that was later announced as a work in progress Amiga port as an almost 1:1 conversion thanks to Cobe and Lemming880. But now the news of the day is, this game has been made available as a single disk with updates for the Commodore Amiga called 'Lumberjack Revision'.

When the game was released it already had an awesome title screen music by Simon JMD, a high score table, bonus pick ups, animated bunnies with attitude, scrolling clouds, colour scrolling animated water, and unique artistic fonts and copper backgrounds. But now as Lumberjack Revision it features 8 levels, different themed levels including winter, an annoying bee that may sting you, drunk shakes, and Tree's that are no longer infinite.

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Compilation of 3 previously released games with updates on single disk for Commodore Amiga! 

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