Nu, Pogodi! - Another Game and Watch game appears and this one is for your Plus/4

Another day and another Game and Watch mention, as the previous one was called 'Kong' which was ported over to multiple commodore systems as Donkey Kong Junior, and this latest release called Nu,Pogodi!(Well Just You Wait!)' has been developed for the Plus/4. Now unlike the other game port developed by alargames and starring Mario, Nu,Pogodi! was a game released in the 1980's as a Game and Watch title and has been ported/remade to the Plus/4 by Legion of Doom.

According to Plus/4 World, Nu,Pogodi! is an implementation of the LCD game that some of you may have played in the 80s. It might be familiar to you for another reason: the original video game is an unlicensed clone of the Game-and-Watch game "Egg" and in the game you need to help the Wolf catch as many eggs as possible in two games (game A or game B). 

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