Adventures Continue - A new ZX Spectrum puzzler from PCNONOGames

A great release of Ninja Carnage for the ZX Spectrum, W.A.R for the ATARI XL/XE, and the possibility of Kung Fu Master as an Arcade conversion to the Amiga, what else could be announced to make this week even better? Well how about this new release from PCNONO Games and given the heads up by Tim, its ' Adventures Continue ''; a new game for the ZX Spectrum in which you need to save the princess through many different rooms while avoiding dangerous enemies!

Collect the hearts throughout each of the many levels to open the chest, get the key and continue through the rooms until you find the princess. Move the boxes with intelligence and be careful with the enemies, especially with the boss as they will make it very difficult for your hero on his rescue quest. The game features 7 different enemies, 15 rooms, action levels, a password system, a well known theme tune remix, challenging puzzles, and yes that big bad boss to deal with.

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