ENGEEM - A new ZX Spectrum inspired game from Ryane McLaine and Jetpack Jaxx dev!

In 2019 we announced the release of a seriously cool looking ZX Spectrum inspired game called 'Jetpack Jaxx'; A game that was not only released for PC and Android owners, but was described as having a ZX Flavour which was completely free to play, and sporting some rather cool action gameplay. Well if you played it and wanted more, you'll be pleased learn that as from today you can download the developers other game of ENGEEM; An action game with a retro flavor for your Windows system!

Video Link for Mobile Users

If you thought the previous game was good then this one looks to be even better, as not only is it more action packed with kick ass firepower, but the graphics are wickedly retro styled, the level designs are super, there's lots of brutal levels, enemies and bosses, and the music is yet again on top form! So yes if you like games with retro aesthetics with tons of action, then ENGEEM from P.M. Gama might just be the game for you.

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