Granny's Cleaning Day - A game and watch homage gets a release on the C64

If you're looking for another enjoyable C64 game to get you through the week and into the weekend, then we have just been informed by Saberman, that you can now download the C64 game of 'Granny's Cleaning Day'; A Game and Watch Homage, that was not only made during an early coding exercise, but thanks to David and Saul, they have completed and released this game that was previously coded and unfinished by the creator of Steve.

Video Link for Mobile Users

According to the description : You are a boy living in an apartment with two floors, and the only way to enjoy his hobby of playing with balls, is by bringing them downstairs. The only problem is, today of all days is 'Granny's Cleaning Day'. Pick up the balls and bring them downstairs as fast as possible, avoid Granny's powerful hoover, make sure she doesn't suck up your hobby, and use the phone to distract her and change her direction. So good luck, as you only have a limited amount of lives!

Links :1) Source 2) Download 

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