TJ's Cavern Capers - Collect the Beers in this new ZX Spectrum game from Gaz Marshall

Another game for the ZX Spectrum and yet again another release that I think you will enjoy throughout the weeks ahead, is Gaz Marshall's new Arcade Platformer called TJ's Cavern Capers: A colorful ZX Spectrum game in which you need to collect all the Beers in each of the many levels, while also trying not to be damaged by dangerous enemies such as Bats, Skulls, Zombies and Mushrooms! To coincide with this news, Saberman has done another video for you to watch.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Although I haven't had the chance to play this game, TJ's Cavern Capers is a game that features not just multiple levels, with different themed areas, but it also features lovely character animation, a chirpy sound track especially in the main menu, different enemy types, and increasingly challenging rooms as you must avoid all the enemies to clear the room of all the Beer.

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