Cheesy Listening - Alcatraz, Rebels & Offence presents a brand new Commodore Amiga Music Disk!

Once again we are turning our attention away from games and towards our music lovers, as an incredible music collection has been released by Alcatraz, Rebels & Offence for the Commodore Amiga called ' Cheesy Listening '. A music disk which doesn't just contain some banging tracks such as Game Over Man, Crispy Cheese, Galvanize and Angry Nerds but also Korolev, Fibonacci, Gimme Lemonade, Dreamcatcher, Forsaken, Lords of The Chords, Dorfdisko, and even 4Kasm. As one person puts it "This is an incredible music disk best I've heard in a while".

Video Link for Mobile Users

While there isn't much else to say about the release itself, for further information make sure to hit the link here for the latest download!

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