Lykia - The Lost Island - Psytronik Software announces a big hitter C64, expanded C16 and Plus/4 game and we are excited! [New Trailer Update]

I thought to myself today it's been some time since we had any Zelda style games on Indie Retro News, but thankfully I've come across a game that doesn't just look like a Zelda like game with the publishers saying "disksides full of Zelda-ish passion in FLIvision", but it looks it will be a high quality commercial release from PULS4R Production published by Psytronik Software. Welcome to Lykia - The Lost Island, a game that is not only coming to the C64, expanded C16 and Plus/4, but it looks to be a big hitter spanning 4 disk sides full of Zelda-ish game play

From what we know so far, not only is Lykia - The Lost Island going to be pretty big as mentioned above spanning 4 disk sides. But it will feature incredible graphics, day and night modes, multiple areas such as woodlands, new characters to meet, a stunning cinematic intro, hours worth of gameplay, and from the look of the latest screenshots and wording, it will also feature a great story which will take you on an epic quest. So yes certainly a game worth keeping an eye out for on Indie Retro News or via Psytronik Software.

** CREDITS ** 

  • Main Coding: Stefan Mader
  • Lead Artist: Róbert Kisnémeth
  • Story: Olaf Nowacki
  • Music and SFX: Markus Jentsch
  • Additional Graphics: Rainer Mühr & Stefan Mader
  • Additional Code: Balázs Szabó, Imre Széll, Christian Bauer (and the Frodo staff)
  • Assistance: Lena Kilkka
  • Testing: Louie Dimovski & Jason Mackenzie
  • Box Art: Trevor Storey

Links :1) Plus 4/World 2) Facebook 3) Website

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