BOMB BOMB BUSTER - A direct and highly explosive game released for the ZX Spectrum

Another 8bit game has appeared in our inbox, as Saberman has informed through Facebook, that if you're looking for something slightly different to play that the developer says is "highly explosive", then make sure to check out Packobilly latest ZX Spectrum game of 'BOMB BOMB BUSTER'; a challenging game in which you need to find the explosives, avoid all the enemies spread throughout the many levels, and destroy the bomb before the time runs out.

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Here is what the website says about the game : "BOMB BOMB BUSTER is a direct and highly explosive game! There are no rules, no script, no princess in distress to save; there is only... DYNAMITE! Take the bomb and blow up the Boss (affectionately known as "The Big Fat"); there's no more. Go through 25 levels full of threats and explosions; face the Boss in one last challenge and make him swallow  gunpowder! Jump! Dodge! Push! Spear! EXPLODE!! All this awaits you. All this is... BOMB BOMB BUSTER! Good Luck!"

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