Klass of 99 - A re-release of the original remake from 1999, makes an appearance by BitGlint Games!

Skool Daze was released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum and C64, and created by David Reidy. It was the only game of it's time, that gave you the experience of being at school, yet it was not an education game, it had a very creative side. You play as a schoolboy named Eric and his task was to steal the report card from the headmaster's safe, because if you didn't, your parents would not be happy. This in part was achieved by obtaining every piece of the pass-code from the teachers, by hitting each of the shields with your catapult.

The game for it's time had so much in it,  it really felt like you was at school, and Eric was not the best behaved kid either,  much to the annoyance of the teachers. If Eric was caught out of class, or otherwise being naughty, you'd end up with lines or a detention. What's more for such an old game, the AI was very good. The computer controlled all the other characters in the game, including the headmaster, other teachers, the school tearaway, and numerous other pupils. 

All characters could be renamed. If you pushed too hard with being naughty, you'd be expelled! Skool Daze was so popular that the ZX Spectrum version was voted the 4th best game of all time and for us, an all time classic game. The game was followed by a sequel Back to Skool, which had even more school antics. This included a neighboring girls' school and a love interest, along with stink bombs, mice, water pistols, frogs, sherry and more!

So where's the re-release of the remake? Well here it is, Klass of 99. Available for Windows! It has far higher quality graphics of any spectrum game in glorious wide-screen-o-vision with a few extra little improvements! Please note however, it's a very old code base, originally written for Windows 98. It has been successfully tested on Windows 10 and 11. The only thing that doesn't seem to work these days is full screen mode, probably because it runs in 8 bit colour mode.

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