Golden Seas - A high quality text adventure game from Sunteam for the ZX Spectrum NEXT

Text Based Adventure games are still very popular, especially with the latest games mentioned such as Survival Messenger Adventure, and those included in the Halloween and Treasure Hunt Jam. But now we turn our attention to another text adventure game that's worth a look in, as according to Sunteam, they have released a high quality adventure game for the ZX Spectrum NEXT called 'Golden Seas'; a game that was originally written using Adventuron and converted to the Spectrum Next using DAAD Ready (converter by @uto_dev).

Available for purchase through itch io priced at £8.95 GBP, not only is this game from Sunteam and fitting in the genre of a traditional text adventure, but for the price you get to play through a huge open world, admire all the scenic areas with over 120 illustrated locations, challenge your brain through multiple logical puzzle threads, and enjoy the game with no random deaths. So yes if you love these style of games and looking for a big adventure to play through that screams quality, then make sure to check out Golden Seas!

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