Happy Go Blocky -An Experimental C64 game using Multicolor FLI Overlace graphics shown!

Possibly the last retro gaming news article for tonight seeing as it's nearly midnight, as checking our emails we've been told to mention the latest developments for Peeks'n'Pokes possible in development game of 'Happy Go Blocky'. While we are not sure if this project will be turned into a full game, from what we've seen so far, is a charming arcade platformer which is an experiment using Multicolor FLI Overlace graphics. To coincide with this news update, a new video has been teased below showing how lovely this game looks so far.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Here is what Peeks'n'Pokes has to say about Happy Go Blocky from the video above..."Experimental C64 game using Multicolor FLI Overlace graphics and music 4-Mat Warpzone. Last video was 4 years ago, so it's about time for an update. I ran into some demotivating multiplexer issues back in 2018, but now they're finally starting to get solved, and I've been able to add some enemies without everything bugging up. Still lots of work ahead, so yes watch this space!"

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