Knights & Slimes - A charming Arcade platformer announced for the C64 by Monte Boyd

Possibly the last news story for Saturday and one I think many people might be interested in playing when it gets an eventual release, is the upcoming game of Knights & Slimes for the C64 by Monte Boyd. Yes indeed thanks to a recent shout out on Twitter, not only has Monte Boyd announced a new arcade platformer for the C64, but the creator behind the game has also released some very enjoyable games such as Monster Catcher and Snow Wars! To coincide with this news story, you can see some early footage of the game below.

Although the creator has shown some footage above which looks to be an Arcade platformer as you play as a knight popping slimes across multiple levels. The developer has also said that he is hoping to turn the game into something much more throughout the next few months, and will then move on to bigger projects. And that's pretty much all we have on the game so far, but as soon as we know more including features, we will make sure to do a much bigger article on IRN in the near future! 

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