Red Raid : The infiltrating - A rather nice action platformer from ZXBITLES gets a ZX Spectrum release

Another great news story for the ZX Spectrum and one I'm sure you'll enjoy, as we've recently been informed via the speccy community and Saberman, that ZXBITLES has released the digital download version of their rather cool looking ZX Spectrum game of 'Red Raid The Infiltrating '. This game announced last year with a heads up article via IRN, is a rather impressive looking game that according to the creators, is the sequel to Red Raid; a game which was originally developed for the Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020!

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In this fabulous release from ZXBITLES set as a two part game, not only do you play as a parasite infecting guards and making them do things that the parasite could not do, such as opening doors, but in the second part of the game when the parasite no longer has control, you play as one of the guards and must eliminate many of the enemies including the parasites spread throughout the 16 levels to reach the exit. 

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