Mechwars: Arena - A rather cool looking Arena game is now available for the ZX Spectrum

We've featured a number of great games by ZXBITLES over the last couple of years, from RED RAID THE BEGINNING to MECHWARS: CENTIPEDE on the ZX Spectrum. Well today's news came as a complete surprise to us from Saberman, as after already featuring their previous release of  MECHWARS: CENTIPEDE which was released last year, along comes Mechwars: Arena. A multiplayer ZX Spectrum game as the first one in a trilogy of games that is available both as a digital download and physical tape!

From what we can tell in regards to Mechwars Arena via the website below. Is this game not only supports both one and two players of Mech blasting fun, but it also supports a 'Deathmatch' mode, a Capture the Flag mode and a possibility of a Control Points as well. So yes if you enjoyed all of ZXBITLES games released throughout the last couple of years, you are sure to enjoy this latest game from the same developer!

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