Stars (Gumi) 2 - A ZX Spectrum successor to Stars (Gumi), a game by Kas29 released in 2015

Another ZX Spectrum game to keep you company throughout the days ahead, as we've recently been informed via Saberman, that Planet Sinclair has announced the release of 'Stars Gumi II'. A game that is not only the successor to Stars (Gumi), a game by Kas29 released in 2015, but while it has nothing to do with its predecessor in terms of mechanics, its still a rather simple looking game with challenging mechanics.

Video Link for Mobile Users

While I haven't had the chance to play this new game from Kas29, from what we can see in the video or linked above you play as a little green Alien called Gumi and must traverse difficult levels to reach the fuel pods to refuel your space ship that has run out of fuel. Just be aware that the character not only has to deal with difficult traps such as spikes, but he only switches directions when he touches an object.

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