Mob City C16 - A Commodore 16 game inspired by the coin-op Empire City: 1931

Luca Carrafiello of Plus4/World has just posted via their Facebook group to let us know that if you have a Commodore 16 it might be worth checking out the latest release of 'Mob City C16'; A Commodore 16 game which isn't just inspired by the coin-op Arcade game of Empire City: 1931, but it's also based around the same game as Prohibition, a game which is also the conversion of the Arcade game later released by Infograms on systems such as the Amstrad!

Here is what Luca Carrafiello says about this latest release; Mob City by Graham Pickard is officially out! Keep in touch with Fantasy Software Designs to purchase your physical copy. A Commodore 16 game inspired by the coin-op Empire City: 1931. Save New York in the 1930's from the Mob. Take out the gangsters in windows, door ways or popping up from the drains with your trusty pistol. Download it for free, or by NYP (Name Your Price) here:

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