Amaurote - A special version of a classic Mastertronic game that also takes advantage of the c128!

Back in April of this year we announced much to the surprise of the community, that Elysium had released a rather special version of the classic game Amaurote; A version of the game which didn't just take the best bits of the Atari 8bit version, but turned it back into a much more enjoyable isometric experience. Well fast forward to today and thanks to Krzysztof who contacted us via our email, he has told us it might be worth checking out the C128 port, another version of the game which utilizes some special features of the machine that makes Amaurote substantially faster!

While a more in depth write up can be found via the main website which tells of how this version came to be, in short, not only does this C128-VIC port use over 32K of extra RAM only for speed code, and it's the first C128 game that combines MMU features, but this C128 port is not just the C64 release with a different loading address, but there is some additional quality to it which makes it pretty special indeed. So yes if you have a C128 I'd highly recommend reading the development notes found here and downloading either the C64 version or 128 version linked on the same page!

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