White Jaguar - An awesome looking game for your ZX Spectrum 128k!

In November of 2020 we informed you about a new game that was entered into the Yandex competition called White Jaguar; a game in which you played as an Indian and for your mighty quest must make your way across many levels, to find yourself in greatness and become one of the great Jaguars. Well if you enjoyed that early tease for the ZX Spectrum, then we have just found out today via Saberman, that as of today you can download the latest version of the game that is sure to excite many in the ZX Spectrum community!

Developed by Roman Varfolomeev (romancha), Jerri, DaRkHoRaCe, SurfinBird and ShadowMaker. In White Jaguar you must traverse many different scenes, avoid dangers, and deal deadly blows to enemies with a mighty throwing axe. Be-aware for what is a lovely looking ZX Spectrum game that will have you hooked for many hours, the difficulty is ramped up way high and you might actually die many times over. So yes if you have a ZX Spectrum, i'd highly recommend checking out this awesome game called 'White Jaguar'.

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