Ball and Chain - Play as a chained bouncing ball in this unusual C64 game from drmortalwombat

Even more C64 games to get through today, as thanks to Saberman contacting us this afternoon, we've been told a new game called 'Ball and Chain' has been released by drmortalwombat for the Commodore 64; a very unusual game in which playing as an innocent bouncy ball chained to an even heavier iron ball, you must find a way to escape the gloomy dungeons of the spiked empire! To coincide with this news, Saberman has also done a gameplay video which can be viewed below.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Here is what the website says about Ball and Chain with music by Crisps: "“Ball and Chain” is an endless runner game, it has no winning end – it just gets harder and faster until you can’t keep up anymore or your luck runs and you drop the ball.  The game keeps scrolling regardless of your efforts, but you can avoid the obstacles".

"You control the helium filled orange rubber ball which is chained to the iron ball.  The iron ball does limit your movement, but it can also be used as a weapon to destroy enemies on your way.  Your live as a free floating bladder ends, when you collide with an enemy or are squished between a wall and the left screen border.  Pressing the joystick button shortens the chain and gives tighter control over the iron ball, releasing the button again pushes the iron ball into the opposite direction".

"Your score keeps incrementing as long as you are in the game. You can collect coins on the way for even more points.  Stars improve the time base scoring factor but also increase the mass of the iron ball, thus increasing its inertia and weight until you are unable to spin it or even lift it from the ground. Destroying an enemy releases a powerup bubble, with one of four color coded perks":

  • Yellow : Coin magnet
  • Grey : Iron skin, protects the rubber ball for a short time
  • Blue : Changes the iron ball into a balloon with no weight or inertia
  • Green : Slows the scrolling down
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