Zoomies! - A new C64 sub blasting game by the Second Dimension

Another retro gaming news story has hit our inbox for the C64 community, as Saberman was kind enough to let us know through Facebook, that if you're looking for an arcade Shoot 'em up for the C64,  then you might like to play Second Dimension's new game of ' Zoomies!'; A fun little game in which traversing the deep ocean floor, you must wipe out everything in your way such as Jellyfish, Sea Horses, Sharks and anything else that's usually found down in the depths of the ocean.

According to Richard of TND...A new C64 game has been launched this weekend by Cody/The Second Dimension. It is a fun little shoot 'em up game which looks to have been inspired by Mastertronic's Sub Hunt. This game features really nice graphics and some pretty cool music. The game is much more playable compared to the Sub Hunt back in the early/mid 1980s. The game was made for NTSC computers, but it also works on PAL C64s as well.

Links :1) Source 2) Discussion 3) Download

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