Golden Axe Tyris Edition Final Version - HOT NEWS as an overhauled Sega Master System graphical replacement hack is now available!

In 1989 Sega released the incredible side scrolling, beat 'em up, hack and slash fighter for the Arcades and for the Mega Drive/Genesis. It involved lots of weapon swiping against enemies, riding mythical beasts, traversing through different locations, picking up potions, calling forth great power and giving the player the choice of a multitude of different characters. It just had to be the amazing ' Golden Axe '; a game which was also ported to other home systems such as DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad, C64, SMS, and ZX Spectrum.

In fact it's the Sega Master System version we are talking about today, as a creator by the name of xfixium has finally released the full version of the Golden Axe Tyris Flare Edition. A complete overhaul of the original release that doesn't just change all the graphics throughout all the levels, but also a replacement of Ax Battler (Tarik) with Tyris Flare, and other changes you'll just have to experience for yourselves. Seriously if you remember playing the classic game of Golden Axe on a Sega Master System, you really should try this latest release from xfixium!

Links :1) Source (Original ROM required to be patched)

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