Jolly Jumper - A one button C64 game by Megastyle you'll either love or hate!

Not to be left behind with all the latest Amiga titles, it's time for the C64 to get in on the retro gaming fun, as we've recently found out through Saberman, that Megastyle has released a new C64 game called 'Jolly Jumper'; a 4k Craptastic game in which playing as a character with the use of only one button, must jump a swinging rope that increases in speed with every rep. To coincide with this news you can download the game below, and check out the latest gameplay footage too.

Here is what the website says about Jolly Jumper. This is a one button game where you only use the firebutton to control your character. You use it to start the game, to enter the playfield and you use it to jump. Avoid the swinging rope and try to complete the set.  On the right side of the screen you will see how many reps you have left before the set is complete. When a set is finished, you will be sent out of the playfield, and you have to enter it over again  to start next set. If you get hit by the rope, it will be game over!

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