REGULUS - Savage inspired game from Proxima for the ZX Spectrum is recovered

Another interesting news story for all you retro gamers out there, as if you have a ZX Spectrum, you might be interested to know that as of just recently, you can download a rather atmospheric ZX Spectrum game called ' REGULUS '. Now what makes this game rather special, isn't for the fact that it is a ZX Spectrum game with a dark overtone, but for the main fact that it finally sees the light of day after it was originally created back in the 1980s by Proxima Software and was thought lost.

According to Modern ZX-Retro who first mentioned the game, not only is REGULUS thought to be an inspiration to Savage part 1, which only took around 5 mins to complete, but this is a much bigger game, with multiple roads with dead ends and more big bosses to fight. Just beware although the game does look rather nice it isn't a smooth scrolling game and may put some people off. So yes another lost and found mentioned on Indie Retro News, that's well worth a download.

Links :1) Disk/Play Online 2) Download

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