Dark Keep - A creepy rogue-like for the Atari XL/XE entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2022

Here on Indie Retro News we do love writing about the Atari XL/XE, especially with fabulous games being mentioned such as the Prince of Persia port and even Outrun. Thankfully there's no let up in this greatness however, as thanks to another heads up from our good friend Saberman through Facebook, he has told us to let you all know that a rogue-like game has been entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2022 called Dark Keep by Popmilo.

The game will be released after the contest results have been announced. 

Here is what the video description says about the game. It's the shadow of the dreaded Dark Keep tower. Once a wizard's lair where many adventurers met their final fate, it now looks abandoned although strange lights flicker from cracks in its walls. Stories of grand treasure and unknown riches hidden in its dungeons make you go inside through the old crooked door... As you push your way in, a rumble startles you, everything starts crashing around you as you jump into the darkness, only managing to bring your torch with you. Hearing strange sounds from inside the dungeon, you realize it's the fearsome Gorgon beast lurking along the corridors. You remember stories about them, how they seem slow, but are relentless, never letting go once they sense their prey. The only way is up, good luck adventurer!


  1. Really like the aesthetic of this, all dark and dingy.

    1. Completely agree. It looks great, but what do you think of the footstep sound though? It would be nice if you could turn that particular sound effect off.

    2. Now you mention it, the footstep sound effect is really odd, if you are constantly moving around it just sounds like strange white noise!

    3. Hi, author of the game here. Sorry for sfx noise, it wasn't supposed to be like that :)
      It was too late to fix it when I realized it's happening on the last day before compo deadline.
      Will fix it for a final version I'll publish when compo results are out.

    4. That's great news. Looking forward to it!

    5. Thanks for the reply, I'm looking forward to it too :)

  2. Hi, author of the game here, sorry for the strange sfx noise :)
    It wasn't supposed to be like that, it was too late to fix it when I realized it's happening on the last day before compo deadline.
    Will try to fix it for a final version after compo results come out.

  3. Vladimir, can you explain a bit more of the gameplay please?

  4. It's rather simple :)
    Plan was for it to be standard dungeon crawler with many types of monsters, weapons and treasure. Lack of time made it into much simpler, and I hope fun game.
    You enter the tower on bottom floor, there are 128 of randomly generated levels. Each has multiple rooms, some with treasure or health (food). Most important there's a monster present on each level, and you don't have any weapons :)
    So, you run around, collect treasure and health which is crucial for surviving later levels because monster gets faster and faster as you climb the tower. Let's see who can progress furthest :)
    My record is like level 17 or similar :)


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