PacMen Evolution - Yet another Pac-Man game has been announced for the Atari XL/XE

We've featured Pac-Man so many times now on our website that I'm wondering if it's worth changing our name to Pac-Man Retro News :p. Well here we are with yet another Pac-Man game that's going to get a shout out, as we've recently found out through Saberman, that Lars Langhans's has entered his Pac-Man clone of PacMen Evolution into the ABBUC Software Contest 2022. To coincide with this news you can see another one of Saberman's game play video's below.

Yes indeed welcome to another clone of the classic game of Pac-Man from 1982. A game that not only features all the dot chomping goodness you could want in a Pac-Man style game, but includes the deadly ghosts and a multitude of levels to play through to keep you entertained! It's just a shame the game isn't yet available to everyone outside of the competition because that will happen after the contest results have been announced. 


  1. I dunno. Greats like Pac Man never get tiring to me. This one is very eye pleasing and I like the added game mechanics. Looking forward to trying this out.

  2. These contest entries are killing it!

  3. Wow! If this is 8 bit and will run on the Retron77 that would be great! If Pac-Man on the 2600 had looked like this back in the day, it may have helped prevent the notorious 'game crash'.


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