Jungle Joe - A challenging yet enjoyable C64 puzzle platformer from Vector5games

If you're looking for another enjoyable C64 game to get you through the week and into the weekend, then we have just been informed by Saberman, that you can now download the C64 game of 'Jungle Joe' by Vector5games. A game that doesn't just put you in the boots of an explorer traversing dangerous landscapes to find the exit. But from the look of the game it smacks of high quality with lovely in game detail, dangerous enemies, nasty traps, and lots of challenges with a limited amount of ladders and bridges at your disposal.

Here is what the website says about this new release of Jungle Joe for the C64. This is a brand new Commodore 64 puzzle-adventure game. Your objective is very simple, build your path to the level exit by using ladder pieces. On your way, there are many puzzling choices to make. Avoid enemies and other hazards. One level is divided into three checkpoints. The game has a password system to load already played levels. The game is tested on real hardware, TheC64, and VICE emulator. The game will run in PAL and NTSC modes, but it's not optimized for NTSC.

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  1. Very Nice Too !!

  2. THIS GAME IS SWEEEEEEET!!!! Commodore 64 rulez over Amiga hahahahah!!

  3. I love the graphics and simple but fun idea of the game!

  4. This game looks really cool.


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