Dynatech 30th Anniversary Edition - HOT NEWS as a new international Amiga game release has appeared! (2 MB/AGA Amiga)

Here's some HOT NEWS for all you awesome Commodore Amiga gamers out there, as we've just found out through the EAB forums, that epithetic has released an unofficial remaster and English localization of Eleven's classic 1992 game of Dynatech for the Amiga as "Dynatech 30th Anniversary Edition".  Dyantech was originally released in Germany by some of the same people from reLINE who made Oil Imperium and Fate - Gates of Dawn , and an international release was planned for the following year but sadly never materialized..... Until now.

Here is what epithetic says about this latest release for the Amiga. " Dynatech is a game that is a menu-driven real time economy sim and fairly advanced for its time. Gameplay is single player or cooperative/competitive two player split screen. Set in 2400, the game revolves around building a sustainable market economy alongside 20 fully simulated AI corporations, with various interlinked production chains and logistics management based on real supply and demand mechanics". 

"That is, all circulating wares are derived from basic resources and production facilities and any transport of them is carried out by fully simulated fleets of spacecraft".

"Unlike a lot of games at the time Dynatech actually punishes you for monopolizing the market by brute force - since markets are dictated by supply and demand, flooding them will only lead to market crashes and potentially more widespread contagion (it's possible to game over by crashing the entire economy)".

"Dynatech was originally published for Amiga ECS, with a later AGA/VGA version developed for the IBM PC release. This version was rather rushed, with the overall quality being arguably worse than the original to the point of blatant copy & paste errors in some images. To make matters even worse, the AGA version suffered from a faulty graphics implementation that meant it needlessly limited the colour precision of the game to half that of the DOS version".

This unofficial 30th Anniversary Edition remaster addresses all these issues, featuring:

  • Full English localization, including manuals
  • Bugfixed Amiga AGA release
  • Carefully remastered graphics and UI polished to a standard the VGA/AGA release should have been

Links :1) Website (Download,Guides) 2) Discussion  3) HOL Entry


  1. Oh wow! This game is a real treat for an international audience! I played it with my buddy back then for months and months (If I'm not mistaken it's one of those rare two mice games like Settlers). It's a two player real-time sci-fi economy sim with a catchy tune that put us into a trance after a few hours. Absolutely unique. There simply is no other game like it on the Amiga.

  2. The original developers both died years ago. I am sure they both would have loved this piece of wodk.

  3. Just download this. Game is awesome. Really love the way they did the loading screens from floppy disk. Awesome.

  4. One of those forgotten pearls... I always wanted to program an online browser version of this game, but I doubt enough people would have interest. Very nice to see that it's not forgotten, though! I played this a lot in my childhood.


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