Frantic Pengo 2 - A new speccy game from Gabriele Amore!

Gabriele Amore is certainly no stranger to Indie Retro News, creating very enjoyable games such as Saving Kong, Castle Capers, Donkey Kong Jr and even Bubble Frenzy. Well now another game is gracing our speccy screens, as during the last couple of days he has released his new Arcade game of 'Frantic Pengo 2 '; an arcade game inspired to Pengo (and to those wonderful Japanese early 80s coin ops) which features an awesome soundtrack within the game.

Here is what Gabriele Amore says from the forum linked below..."You need to connect three special blocks (and to kill all the lava monsters) in order to activate the exit in each screen (you can push them to different lengths depending on the run up you have); the enemies can move/push ice blocks and can kill you (sometimes they even kill each other); you move and push blocks using QAOP (M is used to restart the screen); You kill the lava king by hitting him a certain number of times with ice blocks (see the info screen to learn about your enemies and for the credits). At game over you need to push M several times while the tune is playing".

Links :1) Forum 2) Download


  1. Hey there thanks for showing my game, a sequel of frantic Pengo of 2021. I should point out however that the musoc is not from pedro this time (see the info screen for the credits )

  2. Love the graphics. So much characters within 8x8 pixels of 2 colors.


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