GVOLCANO - A new ZX Spectrum game from Spanish developer Xavisan

If you have a ZX Spectrum and looking for something enjoyable to play right now, then thanks to a heads up via Saberman, we've been told that Xavisan has released a brand new game for the ZX Spectrum called 'GVOLCANO'. A platformer that isn't just enjoyable yet challenging to play, but in this game with a mission to chase an evil called Mothimotrh that has gone terribly wrong, must find a way to escape a deadly volcano and return to your home planet GalaxIII.

Here is what the website says about the game : GVolcano is a fast game in which you will have to be attentive while locating objects and looking for a way out to end the game. You can move around the map in almost any direction, through screens full of color and magic. You will also find several types of impediments, as well as some magical objects, these magical objects can give you a life, or take it away from you. Lastly you will have the option to collect coins, for every 50 coins they will give you an extra life, but beware!!! all that glitters is not gold, you will only be given a maximum of 3 extra lives, so take advantage of them and do not waste them.

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